Terms of service

Last updated: February 11, 2022

These End User Terms of Service (“Terms”) are a legal agreement between us ( “us”, “our”, “we”, or “Stripe”) and you, the person who directly uses one or more products and services we offer for your personal use under these Terms, including through applications, websites, and software (each, an “End User Service”). To learn more about us, the Stripe entity you are entering into these Terms with, go here.

These general Terms apply to all of our End User Services that reference these Terms, including Link. Stripe users that are using our products and services for business purposes (“Business Users”) are subject to different terms.

Additional Terms That Apply to You

There are additional terms and policies that are incorporated into these Terms, which cover your agreement to both accept terms and receive notices online, how we process personal data and cover specific End User Services with additional requirements. We encourage you to read them all before using the End User Services.

The following additional policies and terms also apply when you access or use the End User Services, all of which are incorporated by reference into these Terms:
  • E-Sign Agreement. You agree to the ESign Agreement. It provides that we will communicate with you electronically. Your electronic agreement has the same effect as if you sign in ink, and you agree to receive notices through our End User Services.
  • Privacy Policy. You acknowledge the Privacy Policy. Please read it carefully to understand how your information is collected, used, and shared in connection with these End User Services.
  • Product-Specific Terms. An End User Service may have specific terms that apply when you use that particular End User Service. These product-specific Terms are listed in the menus (above and to the left).

We may revise these Terms from time to time. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you of material changes to these Terms in advance of their effectiveness, including by posting notice on the applicable End User Services or providing notice via an email address or physical address associated with you. The revised Terms will be effective on the date stated in the revised Terms. By using an End User Service after any revisions become effective, you agree to those changes. If you do not agree with any changes to these Terms, you must stop using the End User Services.


You must meet certain minimum requirements in order to use the End User Services. You must be old enough to enter into a contract in your country of residence, and you must not be the subject of sanctions laws.

You may only agree to these Terms if you are old enough to enter into a contract in your country. In most countries, this is 18 years of age or older.

You must not use the End User Services if you have previously been terminated or suspended from using any of our services, including any End User Service, or if you are the subject of government sanctions such as those applied by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control or the government in the country where you live.

You must be eligible for the particular End User Services to the extent they are available in your country. If we present an incorrect country for you or you move countries, then you must correct the county in your account or contact supportbefore using the End User Services again.

Identification and Security

To protect you, us, and others that use the End User Services, we need to know who you are, we may share your data or take other actions to identify you and prevent fraud. You are responsible for transactions that occur using your credentials unless you tell us they’ve been stolen.

You agree that:
  • Information you provide about yourself and your use of the End User Services must be complete and accurate as of the time provided, and you must keep this information up-to-date;
  • We need to know whom we do business with. So we and our service providers may verify your identity and information you provide by using cookies, other technical solutions, internal information across our network and external sources, including in some cases by sharing and confirming information we have about your identity with third parties, such as our Business Users or financial partners;
  • To the extent law allows, we monitor for fraud by using cookies, other technical solutions, internal information across our network and external sources, including in some cases by sharing information about the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent with other companies involved with your transaction, such as our Business Users (i.e., the merchant associated with your requested transaction) or our financial partners (e.g., your payment method provider);
  • To the extent law allows, we and our service providers may verify your identity. We may also, with your additional consent for certain End User Services, conduct a check with a credit bureau;
  • You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use or access to your account. You are responsible for any actions taken through the use of your credentials, except for actions taken after you have told us that your account or credentials have been compromised.

Prohibited Conduct

To protect ourselves and others who use the End User Services, you can only use our End User Services in certain ways and as they are intended to be used. Don’t use the End User Services for anything illegal or that could cause harm to us, our network, or others.

The End User Services are only for your personal use. You must not, and must not allow others to:
  • Facilitate illegal or harmful activity through the End User Services;
  • Cause harm to us or others through the End User Services;
  • Use the End User Services for a commercial or business purpose or in any way other than your own personal purposes;
  • Use the End User Services in a way that violates prohibitions relevant sanctions authorities impose;
  • Create content, products, or services using any part of the End User Services
  • Use or reproduce any part of the End User Services (including any trademarks presented in the End User Services), except as law expressly allows;
  • Work around any of the technical limitations of the End User Services, or enable functionality that is disabled or prohibited;
  • Decompile, extract source code, or reverse engineer the End User Services; or
  • Transfer or move software, technology, or services (including our software or encryption software) to or from any country in a way that law does not permit.

We further describe prohibited activities in our Acceptable Use Policy (which we may update from time to time).

Communications via Text, Push Notification, Email, and Phone

We will communicate with you through the End User Services or where available, your email address or phone number. As allowed under law, you consent to the use of your personal contact information for marketing. Contact us if you’d like to withdraw your consent.

To the extent we can do so under law, by providing us with a phone number, you agree to accept and receive transactional and marketing communications from us or our service providers at that number, including through autodialed or prerecorded calls, push notifications, emails, and text (SMS) messages sent manually or through an autodialer. Standard message and data rates your cell phone carrier applies may apply to the text messages we send you.

You also agree that we may use auto-dialled or pre-recorded message calls or text messages to authenticate you, service your account, investigate fraud and collect a debt. You can still use the End User Services if you choose not to receive auto-dialled or pre-recorded message calls or text messages to your mobile phone number, or opt out of marketing communications from us.

To learn more about your options to opt-out of marketing, receiving communications via text or phone number, or receiving auto-dialled or prerecorded messages, please contact support.

Our Intellectual Property

Our services are protected by intellectual property laws. Use of the End User Services does not give you any ownership in them.

The End User Services are protected by trademark, copyright, patent and other laws of the United States and other countries. We and our service providers (as applicable) reserve all intellectual property rights, title, and interest in and to the End User Services. Your use of the End User Services is subject to these Terms, and these Terms do not grant you any rights to our intellectual property or the intellectual property of our licensors, licensees, or partners.

End User Content

We and others we work with may use content you provide while using the End User Services without payment to you.

You are responsible for all of the content (for example, any images and messages) that you provide, upload, submit, or send through the End User Services or to us. By doing so, you grant us a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, and worldwide license (with the right to sublicense to the third parties we work with) to use that content in connection with our End User Services, including to update the End User Services and to create other products and services.


We may use any feedback, ideas, or suggestions you give us without payment to you.

You may choose to submit feedback, ideas and suggestions about the End User Services, but it is never required. You agree that we may use and share all feedback, ideas, and suggestions you submit for any purpose and without compensation or obligation to you.


We may cancel these Terms at any time, and you may close your account at any time. We can suspend or change your access to the End User Services at any time for any reason, but we’ll try to notify you first unless it is unreasonable to do so.

Termination by Us: We may terminate these Terms, and we may limit, suspend, change, or remove your access to any or all End User Services, including any feature or aspect of the End User Services, at any time for any reason. We will take reasonable steps to notify you through the End User Services or an email or phone number associated with you before taking any action that restricts your access to the End User Services, unless law prevents us from doing so, or we decide that your continued use of the End User Services creates a risk of loss or harm to us or any other person.

Termination by You: Subject to any product-specific Terms below, you may terminate any End User Service at any time and for any reason by terminating the End User Service or closing your account as described here. Termination will be effective on the date that your account is closed.

Effect of Termination. Upon termination, you will not have any further use of or access to the End User Services. Subject to applicable law, you will also not have any use of or access to any information you submitted through the End User Services, and all rights granted to you under these Terms will end. Termination does not relieve you of your obligations to pay amounts owed to us or others or to indemnify us. Termination does not revoke any third-party payment authorizations. The following provisions will survive even after these Terms terminate: Our Intellectual Property, End User Content, Feedback, Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability, Third Party Services, Assignment and Third Party Beneficiaries, and Miscellaneous. To the maximum extent law allows, we will not be responsible for any loss, damage, harm or consequence, including any delay or inconvenience, you may suffer as a result of termination.

Disclaimer of Warranties

While we try to make End User Services that consistently work great for you, we provide them as-is, without any warranty. That means we don’t promise that they’ll always work, and we don’t promise that they’ll work in the way you expect. We are not responsible for any products or services you buy from others through the End User Services.

The End User Services are provided “as-is” and without any representation or warranty, whether express, implied, or statutory. We, our affiliates, and our respective agents, contractors, and Business Users (together, the “Disclaiming Entities”) make no representation or warranty of any kind whatsoever with respect to the End User Services or the content, materials, information and functions we make accessible, and specifically disclaim all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. We do not promise that the End User Services will be uninterrupted, error-free or secure.

The Disclaiming Entities do not control or make any warranties regarding the products or services others provide in connection with the End User Services. In other words, we do not have control over the businesses from which you’re purchasing when using the End User Services, and we do not promise or imply that the products or services you buy using the End User Services will work as promised or be safe to use.

Some laws limit or prohibit disclaiming the warranties referred to in the previous paragraphs, or impose obligations on us that we can’t eliminate with these Terms. In those cases, this section (Disclaimer of Warranties) will apply to the maximum extent law allows.

Limitation of Liability

This section limits the amount of liability we have and the types of damages you can seek from us. Read it carefully. We will not be liable for more than $200 in damages that occur through the End User Services.

The Disclaiming Entities will not be liable to you for any failure to perform our obligation under these Terms due to any abnormal or unforeseeable event outside our reasonable control, such as an act of terrorism, weather-related event, labor conditions, Internet disturbance, or pandemic.

The Disclaiming Entities will not be liable to you for any failure to perform our obligations under these Terms where performance of that obligation would have put us in violation of applicable law.

The Disclaiming Entities will not be liable to you in any circumstances for:
- Loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity, or loss of profit; or
- Any loss that we could not have reasonably anticipated.

Subject to the specific product Terms below, in no event will the Disclaiming Entities’ liability arising out of or in connection with these Terms exceed $200 USD.

You and we agree that the other has relied on the disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability stated above in entering into these Terms, the limitation and disclaimer are essential to the agreement between you and us under these Terms, and they will apply to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Some laws restrict our ability to disclaim or limit our liability. In those cases, this section will apply to the maximum extent law allows.

Governing Law

If you have a complaint or dispute, we hope you contact us first.

If you reside in the United States, California law will govern any claim or dispute between you and us that arises out of these Terms, regardless of conflict of law principles. You and we each submit to exclusive personal jurisdiction, and will bring all suits and actions under or in connection with these Terms exclusively, in the federal courts of the Northern District of California and the state courts located in San Mateo County, California.

If you reside outside of the United States, your governing law is specified here.

Third Party Services

The End User Services may allow you to access or purchase products and services provided by businesses or persons unrelated to us. They may have their own terms for you to read. We don’t control those businesses or persons, so we aren’t responsible if something goes wrong with their products or services.

Our End User Services allow you to purchase products or services from people, businesses, or entities that are not a Stripe entity, employee, or agent.

You are responsible for the purchases you make, and the Business Users you choose to do business with are responsible for providing you the goods or services that you purchase. Contact the Business User if you are not satisfied with your purchase, or if you wish to return, refund, or exchange your purchase, or if you have any questions or issues regarding your purchase. We may display or link to Business Users’ terms or policies with respect to returns, refunds, and exchanges, but we are not responsible for their goods and services. The applicable Business Users determine the content of those terms and policies, and we do not control, or have any responsibility for, their compliance with their terms and policies. If you believe a Business User has not complied with its terms or policies, or any other obligation law imposes, please contact the Business User directly.

To the maximum extent law allows, we will not be responsible or liable for any loss you suffer in connection with your purchase or use of any third-party products or services.

Assignment and Third-Party Beneficiaries

You must not allow someone else to take on your obligations under these Terms. We may enable a third party, including an affiliate, to enforce or assume our rights and obligations under these Terms, but we will only do so if that third party is capable of performing these Terms competently.

You must not assign your rights or obligations under these Terms to anyone without our prior written consent. We may delegate performing our obligations, and we may assign our rights and obligations under these Terms, at any time for any reason. Any Stripe affiliate may enforce any of these Terms in our place.

Miscellaneous Terms

These Terms, together with the Privacy Policy, E-Sign Agreement, and the product-specific Terms below are the only agreement between you and us regarding the End User Services. In the event of an irreconcilable conflict or inconsistency between a provision in these Terms and any product-specific Terms below, the provision in the product-specific Terms will govern. These Terms do not create any partnership, joint venture, or other agency relationship between you and us. If we do not immediately exercise a right we have under these Terms, we do not waive that right. We retain our ability and right to enforce any part of these Terms at a later time. If any part of these Terms is found unenforceable, that part will be ignored, and all of the remaining terms will remain in effect.


If you have a question about the End User Services or how these Terms apply to you, please contact support.

Link Account Terms

We provide an End User Service to create a Link account or to save your information for faster checkout at businesses that use our services, including Link. These Link Account Terms, along with the End User Terms of Service above, apply when you use this End User Service.

We may ask if you’d like us to “remember you” for future payments across our eligible merchants (i.e., our Business Users), including when you check out on their websites and applications. When you allow us to remember you, we will store certain identifying information, such as your email address or mobile phone number (“Log-In Credentials”), and the payment information you give us, such as credit card, debit card, or bank account numbers (“Payment Account Details”). As part of your Payment Account Details, we may also store information such as your name, billing address and shipping address. The advantage of us remembering you is that you may be able to pay more quickly and easily with the same Business User, as well as when you visit our other eligible Business Users’ sites or apps – this can be especially handy when you’re on a mobile device or don’t have your Payment Account Details in front of you.

If you allow us to remember you, we or the Business User will use cookies or similar technologies to link your web browser or device to your Log-In Credentials and to recognize you when you visit that Business User or another Business User on the same browser or device. You can then make purchases using your saved Payment Account Details across our eligible Business Users when you are logged in with us on the same browser or device. If we don’t recognize you (for example, because you’ve logged out of Link), we may provide a way for you to verify yourself (for example, by sending you a verification code via SMS text message) in order for your stored Payment Account Details to be used.

You may only save Payment Account Details with us that you are authorized to use. Link doesn’t change anything else about your relationship with the Business User. In addition, your relationship with your payment method (for example, your bank or your credit card company) remains unchanged. Removing a payment method from your Link account does not cancel or change any obligations or amounts you still owe to a Business User.

Debit and credit card payment methods
Please keep your payment card information current. We may update the details of your saved payment card, without any action on your part, based on proprietary and third-party sources available to us.

Bank account payment methods
To allow you to pay with your bank account on Link, we will ask you to link your bank account to enable us, and where identified, one of our Business Users (i.e., your merchant), to collect data from that bank account. For example, once you agree to link your bank account, a Business User may verify that your bank account is valid and check your balance to confirm there are sufficient funds for your purchase. Please refer to the Business User’s privacy policy to understand how it may use your bank account data. We may use your bank account data to, among other things, streamline your requested payments and assess your eligibility for and offer you End User Services that we or our affiliate provides. Please see the Linked Financial Account Terms below for more information.

Each time you use a linked bank account to pay one of our Business Users, you are authorising us to immediately debit that bank account for the amount you authorize the merchant to charge. You authorize us to retry a debit on your bank account if your bank rejects the original debit for any reason. You agree that your grant of the authorization in this paragraph complies with the National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) operating rules and has the same legal effect as if you had signed a paper mandate containing the same terms. Your use of your bank account as a payment method is also subject to the terms, benefits, and protections associated with your personal bank account. If you use your bank account as a payment method, and do not have sufficient funds to make a purchase, you could incur overdraft fees with your bank. If at any time you would like to revoke this authorisation or you no longer want your bank account to be a payment method saved to your Link account, you must disconnect your bank account from your Link account.

When you purchase something from a Business User and the transaction is ultimately refunded, the money will be refunded to the original payment method you used for the transaction.

Backup payment method
If your default or selected payment method is unavailable or the transaction is unsuccessful using that payment method (for example, because your bank account has insufficient funds), we may charge one of your other payment methods saved to Link. In those instances, we will identify that a backup payment method applies before you complete the purchase (e.g., whether during a one-time checkout or for any subscription payments, during the initial subscription purchase). If you do not want us to charge a backup payment method, you must remove your other payment methods from your account.

We will use reasonable efforts to keep your Payment Account Details secure. Learn more about our security here.Unfortunately, no data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. We encourage you to use a strong password and never share your password with anyone or use the same password on other sites or accounts. If you have reason to believe that the security of your account has been compromised, please contact us immediately at support@stripe.com

Identity Terms

Last updated: June 23, 2023

If you agree to save your identity information to your Link Account or verify your identity using your Link Account, you may choose to use your Link Account to share your identity verification data in the future with other eligible businesses (i.e., our Business Users).  This identity verification data may include the personal data you provided (such as a photo of your driver’s license or passport) and our verification results (including insights). 

We generate verification results by comparing the information you provide with information about you that we collect from our Business Users, partners, identity verification service providers, and publicly available sources. If you agree for us to verify your identity using your identity document and your photo, your verification results are based on the biometric identifiers we generate and store from your images. Learn more. Stripe will use this information as a controllerto verify your identity, including to comply with our own legal obligations, and for loss and fraud prevention and security purposes. 

Business Users may ask you to verify your identity for a number of reasons, including to confirm that you do not already have an account or that you are authorized to use a payment method. An advantage of saving your identity information to, or verifying your identity with, your Link Account is that you may not need to go through the trouble of re-submitting your identity information for other Business Users in the future.  Rather, you may be able to verify your identity more quickly and easily by providing consent to share the verification data you saved to your Link Account with specific Business Users. Before you agree to verify your identity through your Link Account with a Business User, we will inform you whether verification data will be shared with that Business User. If you agree to share your verification data with a Business User, please note that Business User is an independent controller of your verification data, and the Business User’s use of your data is subject to the Business User’s privacy policy.  

If you want to delete your identity information from your Link Account, there are instructions for how to do so here.  If you choose to delete your identity information from your Link Account, please note the Business User may still have your verification data. If you would like to request the Business User to delete any copies of your personal data they obtained through this End User Service, please contact the Business User directly.