No matter how you identify, STHLM MISC is your safe space for expression.

Founded in 2021, this non binary fashion brand, based in Stockholm, takes a stand in feminist and queer politics and breaks up with gender norms. STHLM MISC is a tribute to those who fall outside the framework, who refuse to be categorized
- the miscellaneous -

The starting point for the brand was the lack of femininity in unisex fashion. “I think it is strange that if I or anyone else wants to wear unisex, we basically have to wear menswear. It is like femininity is opted out of the equation. Why doesn’t unisex have as much heritage from womenswear as menswear?” - founder Julia

Delivery & returns


We are a small business that MAKE EVERY GARMENT OURSELVES in the studio in Stockholm. Depending on the amount of orders, LEAD TIME CAN VARY. You will get an estimated time of delivery in the confirmation email. We know this is an unusual way of buying clothes, but it’s a more fun way than fast fashion. This way we don’t produce more than we sell, it’s both SUSTAINABLE & PERSONAL.

You will find that some garments comes in different sizes, these garments we keep a SMALL STOCK of and will send AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Made to order

You will also find some MADE TO ORDER garments. This means that the garment doesn’t exists before you buy it. We don’t keep it in stock but we make it according to your measurements when we get your order. So make sure to add measurements and your normal size in the order notes! See below on how to take your measurements. We aim to ship it within 2 WEEKS, you will get an estimation in the confirmation e-mail. Read more about this in Delivery & Returns ︎.


Since we only use deadstock rather than producing our own fabrics we adapt depending on availability. Due to this qualitys may vary a bit but it’s always what’s written in description. It might also be that we need to change the price of garments dependning on the prices of the fabrics available.

Deadstock fabrics are left over fabrics from other brands. It’s fabrics that they no longer need in their collections that we are happy to buy from them to give the fabrics a longer life.

Our garments are not factory made so they need careful care. Wash them rarely and follow the instuctions on label & receipt.


STHLM MISC is a non binary brand and we make our own rules when it comes to sizes.
Therefore our garments are marked with genderless S - M - L

Genderless size S is equal to women’s 34/36 & men’s 42/44
Genderless size M is equal to women’s 38/40 & men’s 46/48
Genderless size L is equal to women’s 42/44-46 & men’s 50/52-54

Most of our garments are not fitted or tight, some are adjustable. This way they fit different bodies better and it’s easier to find a size that fits you. If you are unsure what size will fit, you are welcome to the studio at Dalagatan in Stockholm to try our garments. Just make sure to contact us first to arrange, since we are not in the studio at all times.